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What are Cookies?

This user agreement is between the user and business class travel in London which is part of the Moresand Limited, Group of Companies. Please make sure to read the terms and conditions of business class travel before making any bookings.

Who exactly stores cookies on your device?

Any cookies forwarded by business class travel, as the site operator, and kept on your device are appointed "first-party cookies". Some cookies might be set by other parties; these are then appointed "third party cookies". First party cookies are those cookies which are related with the entertainer's name. Third party cookies are cookies from other domains.

Cookie management on your device.

You could make up your mind yourself if you desire to permit storage of cookies on your device. If you desire to avert the use of cookies now or in the future, you could modify the settings on your browser at any time. But keep in mind that not permitting cookies might mean you cannot utilise all regions of our website.

More details about how you could control and/or remove cookies is available below, or

How do we use Cookies?

Cookies execute numerous separate purposes, from keeping in mind that you are signed in on visits to what user likings you might have picked. They also aid us to recognize which of our web pages are the most famous and what kind of journey a visitor has via our site.

Cookies aid us to organise the content and design our site and identify returning visitors that have visited our site before. They for that reason play a chief part in aiding us to strengthen the usage and operation of our site to enhance your visits.

In order to aid us to comprehend how many visitors we possess, which pages are visited, and to aid us grow future developments to our site, documentation and survey is carried out utilising Google Analytics who would set cookies on your device. For more details on Google cookies we suggest you visit the Google website at which silhouettes Google's privacy policy and how to pull out of tracking.

We do not utilise cookies to gather details that can recognize you personally on your visit to our website [unless you make an account or sign in to buy a ticket from us]. A catalogue of the cookies that we utilise when you view our site is included in the table below.

What Cookies are utilised by this site?

Kind of cookie that might be utilised in your visit to our website are:
  • Session cookies.
  • Session and permanent cookies.
  • Anonymous permanent cookies.
  • Cookie to singly recognize users who have signed in.
  • Third party cookies.
  • First party cookies.
Purpose Session cookie.

Session cookies allow our website to keep an eye on your motion from page to page so you don't get questioned for the same details you've already provided to the site. These cookies permit you to move between the pages of our website rapidly and simply without having to verify or reuse each new region you visit. They are naturally removed when you close your web browser.

Third party cookies.

These are set by another firm (domain) and are utilised to aid us track visitor behavior and income in order for us to estimate the operation of our website. First party cookies (cookies placed by the website) Utilised when a customer executes a ticket search, uses email subscriptions, or purchases a ticket. When a user signs into their account this cookie is placed to handle their signed in session. This cookie is removed from the device when the browser is closed.

3rd Party cookies.
Google Analytics.

To analyze which pages on the website are most famously utilised, the amount of visitors to the site, page visits, which browsers are utilised, entry pages etc. We utilise the details given to aid us enhance our site and recognize the most famous pages. Cookies last amid one month and one year. For more details on Google analytics we suggest you view the Google analytics website.

Acxiom Tracking Code.

This is utilised to estimate click past and conversion rates from email bulletins. The cookie becomes invalid after 14 days and does not keep any private or individually recognizable details. This cookie is only utilised to give an account on revenue from our email operations to decide how triumphant they are.

Web beacons.

Web beacons are normally 1-pixel size clear images that assist website owners to follow the movement of users on specific website pages. They could also dispatch the tracing server (for instance: - us, or our technology associates) details in cookies like an HTML email with a web beacon in it has been opened. We utilise web beacons in conjunction with cookies to aid us to comprehend how you communicate with our website and the emails we mail you, to aid us enhance your encounter, to make sure that the content is applicable to you, and to better handle our website and email content.

Can I opt out of cookies?

Yes. There is a fair amount of choices at hand. You could control the utilization of cookies on your device by using the settings within your web browser (for example:- Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox). For more thorough details about cookies (plus how to handle their use through your browser) go to Also please keep in mind that if you remove all your cookies, some parts of our website, like keeping in mind your login information, would not work as a result. This might then lead you to issues when trying to buy tickets as cookies are needed to pass your details across the booking procedure.