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Featured Business Class Airline

About Us
" Business Class Travel promises of offering the best value flights, holidays, car hires and all other travel products in the market. All deals offered by us are sourced by a team of sound travel experts covering an extensive range of destinations. "

Featured Business Class Destinations

Hong Kong

£ 1745


£ 2599


£ 1333

New York

£ 977


£ 1748

business class

Discounted Business Class Tickets

From To Airline Fare Book Before Details
HeathrowMunich lufthansa.png£ 27127/May/2015call now
DublinSydney ethiad.png£ 304831/May/2015call now
ManchesterManila saudiarabian.png£ 143827/May/2015call now
GlasgowJohannesburg ethiopianairlines.png£ 180731/May/2015call now
GatwickOrlando icelandair.png£ 140404/Jun/2015call now
New CastleLos Angeles sasair.png£ 217427/May/2015call now
BirminghamNew York icelandair.png£ 135505/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowHong Kong vietnamair.png£ 126218/Jun/2015call now
ManchesterDubai airfrance.png£ 119730/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowBeijing vietnamair.png£ 137020/Jun/2015call now
All Fares are subject to vary    More Details
  business class
business class

First Class Flights Offers

From To Airline Fare Book Before Details
ManchesterSingapore jetairways.png£ 456728/May/2015call now
HeathrowKuala Lumpur emirates.png£ 292910/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowChicago britishairways.png£ 324430/Jun/2015call now
GatwickSao Paulo deltaairways.png£ 206103/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowSydney ethiad.png£ 572101/Jun/2015call now
ManchesterBangkok jetairways.png£ 416430/Jul/2015call now
HeathrowColombo kuwaitairways.png£ 258401/Jul/2015call now
London CityDelhi swissair.png£ 363611/Aug/2015call now
BirminghamHong Kong airfrance.png£ 511526/May/2015call now
ManchesterPerth britishairways.png£ 583701/Jul/2015call now
All Fares are subject to vary    More Details
  business class
business class

From To Airline Fare Book Before Details
AberdeenLagos iberia.png£ 142526/May/2015call now
ManchesterJohannesburg saudiarabian.png£ 175205/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowEntebbe klm.png£ 158809/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowDurban klm.png£ 196609/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowDar Es Salaam turkishairlines.png£ 144626/May/2015call now
ManchesterCapetown turkishairlines.png£ 188105/Jun/2015call now
BirminghamCairo swissair.png£ 84301/Jul/2015call now
GlasgowAddis Ababa klm.png£ 175903/Jun/2015call now
New CastleAccra protugal.png£ 191105/Jun/2015call now
BirminghamNairobi swissair.png£ 209901/Jul/2015call now
All Fares are subject to vary    More Details
  business class
business class

From To Airline Fare Book Before Details
HeathrowKathmandu airindia.png£ 150329/May/2015call now
ManchesterGoa airfrance.png£ 164428/May/2015call now
GlasgowOsaka klm.png£ 171409/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowKuala Lumpur vietnamair.png£ 132119/Jun/2015call now
New CastleDhaka jetairways.png£ 183901/Jun/2015call now
BirminghamDelhi turkishairlines.png£ 135605/Jun/2015call now
GatwickColombo turkishairlines.png£ 156326/May/2015call now
ManchesterMumbai ethiad.png£ 139801/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowAbidjan kenyaairline.png£ 127601/Jul/2015call now
HeathrowChennai airindia.png£ 143929/May/2015call now
All Fares are subject to vary    More Details
  business class
business class

From To Airline Fare Book Before Details
ManchesterSydney chinasouthern.png£ 228329/May/2015call now
HeathrowPerth malaysia.png£ 284831/May/2015call now
HeathrowNadi koreanair.png£ 286927/May/2015call now
GlasgowMelbourne quantas.png£ 302428/May/2015call now
HeathrowWellington quantas.png£ 345328/May/2015call now
HeathrowChristchurch chinaeastern.png£ 311427/May/2015call now
New CastleAdelaide malaysia.png£ 291029/May/2015call now
BirminghamBrisbane chinasouthern.png£ 232231/May/2015call now
ManchesterAuckland chinaairlines.png£ 241131/Aug/2015call now
HeathrowCairns airfrance.png£ 334609/Jun/2015call now
All Fares are subject to vary    More Details
  business class
business class

From To Airline Fare Book Before Details
HeathrowDusseldorf swissair.png£ 61505/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowCatania lufthansa.png£ 43226/May/2015call now
ManchesterFrankfurt lufthansa.png£ 34526/May/2015call now
HeathrowMadrid iberia.png£ 32905/Jun/2015call now
AberdeenParis sasair.png£ 79926/May/2015call now
BirminghamRome airfrance.png£ 79126/May/2015call now
HeathrowTirana turkishairlines.png£ 53126/May/2015call now
GlasgowBudapest britishairways.png£ 47326/May/2015call now
London CityBrussels airfrance.png£ 78703/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowZurich britishairways.png£ 33926/May/2015call now
All Fares are subject to vary    More Details
  business class
business class

From To Airline Fare Book Before Details
New CastleBangkok jetairways.png£ 180701/Jun/2015call now
GlasgowTaipei chinasouthern.png£ 176731/May/2015call now
BirminghamSingapore airindia.png£ 151231/May/2015call now
ManchesterManila saudiarabian.png£ 157603/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowPenang chinasouthern.png£ 172229/May/2015call now
HeathrowBali qatar.png£ 165926/May/2015call now
HeathrowManila saudiarabian.png£ 170026/May/2015call now
ManchesterPhuket finnair.png£ 141027/May/2015call now
BirminghamHanoi airfrance.png£ 201026/May/2015call now
HeathrowKuala Lumpur srilankan.png£ 146715/Jun/2015call now
All Fares are subject to vary    More Details
  business class
business class

From To Airline Fare Book Before Details
HeathrowDubai tunisair.png£ 138426/May/2015call now
ManchesterAbu Dhabi airfrance.png£ 125330/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowAbidjan kenyaairline.png£ 196927/May/2015call now
BirminghamKuwait klm.png£ 118330/Jun/2015call now
New CastleDoha klm.png£ 132930/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowIstanbul turkishairlines.png£ 42526/May/2015call now
GlasgowMuscat britishairways.png£ 217826/May/2015call now
ManchesterJeddah egyiptair.png£ 135126/May/2015call now
HeathrowTehran iranair.png£ 99727/May/2015call now
HeathrowBeirut turkishairlines.png£ 85226/May/2015call now
All Fares are subject to vary    More Details
  business class
business class

From To Airline Fare Book Before Details
HeathrowSanta cruz klm.png£ 202930/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowSao Paulo alithalia.png£ 175731/May/2015call now
ManchesterRio de Janeiro protugal.png£ 194116/Jun/2015call now
GlasgowQuito americanairlines.png£ 188330/Jun/2015call now
GatwickLima aireurope.png£ 149828/May/2015call now
New CastleCaracas deltaairways.png£ 197617/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowLa paz americanairlines.png£ 211130/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowBuenos Aires klm.png£ 150430/May/2015call now
ManchesterBrasilia airfrance.png£ 142730/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowBogota airfrance.png£ 155630/Jun/2015call now
All Fares are subject to vary    More Details
  business class
business class

From To Airline Fare Book Before Details
HeathrowSan Francisco turkishairlines.png£ 201426/May/2015call now
GlasgowNewark icelandair.png£ 135505/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowNew York kuwaitairways.png£ 94505/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowMiami protugal.png£ 182805/Jun/2015call now
New CastleLos Angeles sasair.png£ 217204/Aug/2015call now
HeathrowLas Vegas aircanada.png£ 284102/Jun/2015call now
BirminghamHouston unitedairlines.png£ 246605/Jun/2015call now
ManchesterBoston icelandair.png£ 135805/Jun/2015call now
HeathrowToronto turkishairlines.png£ 195926/May/2015call now
ManchesterWashington sasair.png£ 188310/Jun/2015call now
All Fares are subject to vary    More Details
  business class
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Business Class Travels
38 Riding House Street
London W1W 7ES
Tel:  +44 (0) 2076120577 
Fax: +44 (0) 2076360667
  Customer Support
  Get instant access to our customer care executives on 0800-368-3939 / 0207 612 0577 from within the UK for any travel related queries, be it for flights,  holidays packages, car hires or travel insurances. Those calling from outside the UK are requested to call on +44-207-612-0577.  
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 Is there any way to know whether my booking is confirmed? Is it necessary to reconfirm my flight?
Once your booking process is complete, which takes place after you submit your credit card details and press the confirm key, you will come across a booking request confirmation page on the very website of Business Class Travel. Following this, we shall be sending you a confirmation email soon. You will now have the details and fares of our booking along with your order number through our confirmation page and email. You are requested to mention this order number when you contact us for knowing about your booking. In case, you do not come across the confirmation page or the email, your booking may not have been confirmed, in which case you are required to contact us immediately.
  How do I book an e-ticket?
Booking tickets through online is the most convenient way of travelling as it confirms your purchase of flight tickets without producing a hard-copy record. Since the carrier with which you will be travelling saves all your ticket data in its system, neither is the requirement to collect the paper ticket, nor is the fear of losing it. With your e-ticket you can straightaway proceed to the check-in-desk with a valid passport and a copy of the email confirmation sent by us confirming your itinerary. On completion of these steps you will receive your boarding pass.
  How can I cancel my Ticket / Flight?
You can cancel your ticket by contacting our customer relations agents on phone. You can also email us at or write to us at
Customer Support
38 Riding House Street
London W1W 7ES All cancellation requests are required to be received earlier to departure. In case of non-payment within 72 hours of booking, reservations are cancelled automatically. Until and unless specified, tickets are issued on a non-refundable or non-endorsing basis.
  When will I receive my Tickets? What are the Ticket Delivery Options?
You will receive your tickets or vouchers within 7 days prior to your date of travel. If your flight is within 7 days, you will be receiving your tickets within 24 hours. In case of registered mail within the UK or courier deliveries, a signatory is required to be present at the delivery address when the delivery is being made. In case of non-effective delivery expect a card with the location of your local depot. You are requested to carry identification at the time of collection. The delivery options comprise of E-Ticket, UPS and Personal Collection from the airport, be it London Gatwick or Heathrow.
  What is my Baggage / Hand Baggage / Cabin Baggage Allowance?
It is always best to check with your travel consultant or the airline as every airline maintains its own baggage allowance.
  Can I book a flight for someone else other than me?
You can always book flight for somebody else even if you are flying. In case of any verification or information required pertaining to the purchase, a member of our team will directly contact you. You are only required to proceed with the reservation.
  How early can I book my flight?
You are free to book a flight till 11 months in advance.
Business Class Travel

Business Class Flights

We ensure to offer unique Business Class travel experiences for the best deals. Our teams of experts offer the highest quality service in Business Class Travel. We provide the best solutions and the perfect travel itineraries for all requirements. Select your preference and leave the rest to us. Spring a surprise on all your travel needs for great deals from us. Whilst ensuring the highest standards and impeccable services, we also offer outstanding deals for our travelers. Our unbeatable airfares and rates enable to enjoy the best business class travel. We have created a niche in Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class flights in the industry offering the most affordable rates for all your travel needs. Indulge in a luxurious business class experience with generous leg space, reclining seats, gourmet dining and in-flight entertainment. Continue your businesses 30,000 ft high with the unimaginable comfort and lavishness.

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